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Frequently Asked Questions

💸 Is this API free?

Only for now, I am planning to add some monthly plans that you can subscribe to.

🔑 How do I get an API Key?

You will need to fill a form to request an API Key. The request will be reviewed by me and validated manually. Then, you will receive it in the email that you specified.

🕐 How much time do I need to wait to receive the API Key?

Ideal time to receive the API key is within a day or two max.

🔞 Are there any restrictions on usage?

At this time, for early adopters there is a maximum of 500 images that can be generated per month.

🤓 I have a project on hands and I would like to use this API

Please hold on, I will be adding some plans that you can subscribe to really soon. For now, I would suggest leaving a message on Twitter to let me know about it.

📈 Will you keep adding more features?

While my availability may vary, I will do my best to regularly add new features and address any issues that arise. I value your feedback and am open to suggestions for ways to make the project even better.

📫 How can I contact you?

You could either contact me by sending an email to or sending a message to @redditshot Twitter account.